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Changing my Breakfast Habits

Breakfast. Most people say it's the most important meal of the day. I don't doubt that it is. The more I live and the healthier I become, the more I realize that maybe a traditional breakfast isn't for me. When I first started heavily working out, I'd get up early to do a quick HIIT routine, then I'd have a protein shake or some vitamin and electrolyte-filled drink to recover. Then I'd hop in the shower, get dressed, then make breakfast for my kid. I would be awake for a couple of hours before I finally ate.

Since I don't HIIT every morning anymore, I start my day with at least 16 oz of water, then I'll eat breakfast. But solid food in the morning, no matter what it is, but if it includes butter or milk it's even worse, makes my stomach uncomfortable and I feel heavy. This isn't a new feeling, I've been experiencing it for years. I'm just now deciding to do something about it.

 Thinking back to the days when I started with a workout and a beverage of some sort, I felt better overall during the day. I'm no nutritionist or medical expert, so I don't know why that is. I just know that for me, my day goes much better if I start it out with a shake and maybe a piece of fruit or an egg along with some water.

Ultimately, the observation that I have made about myself, which I'm sure somebody else in the world could relate to is that sometimes we do things that make us feel awful, never really connecting the dots or making the necessary changes to not suffer. I'm just glad I have sense enough to do it now.

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