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Everything is fine...Not

Everything is fine. No, it isn’t. Often, I’ll say that everything is alright, but it really isn’t. Concerning improving and maintaining good health, weight gain/loss isn’t the only area in need of change. Small habits, like even acknowledging when something isn’t right, are needed.

There are several apps I use to help me keep track of my activities and hold myself accountable for my own well-being. I use the Fitbit app to keep track of my heart rate and active minutes. I use an app to remind myself to drink water. The third app that I use daily is called Flo, which is a feminine health tracker. Within the app, there is an option to list symptoms that the user might experience every day and based on those symptoms the app will provide relevant articles and information that may be helpful. For a while, I would go into the app and mark “Everything is ok” every day. I’d disregard mild cramps or stomach discomfort or mood swings, forgetting (or not caring) about the fact that the more I …

A Year Of Progress

It has actually been more than a year of progress. It all started in my head when I decided that I was tired of being tired of everything: my credit score, my health, my life.
Yesterday was my birthday. This past year has been spent dedicating more time to honoring myself and making better choices in my life. Every now and then I think I should have made more progress than the roughly 25lbs I have lost over the course of 2018, but then I let that thought go and appreciate the fact that I've gained so much more than weight loss. I will probably always be a bit on the fluffier side and I'm okay with that. I'm naturally curvy and carry a lot of weight in my hips and thighs. I'm just glad that I can breathe again and that now I can move my body in ways that I could not a year ago.
The picture only shows the weight loss from February to October. It doesn't show the five minutes I take every morning to do a quick Spanish lesson to help keep my mind engaged and boost my m…