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How to Start a Home Yoga Practice

It doesn't take much to start a yoga practice. All you really need is yourself and a good instructor or a good set of instructions. Don't worry about not being fit or flexible enough to give it a try. If you can breathe, you can practice.

How I began yogaI had been wanting to try yoga since I was a teenager. On a few occasions I had checked out yoga DVDs from the library and I had even bought one. 

It was difficult for me to stay dedicated to it. Looking back on it now, I think it was because it was difficult for me to relate to the instructor on the video. If I remember correctly, in one of the videos the instructor was Rodney Yee and in some of the others, it was thin women who looked nothing like me. Not saying that any of them are bad teachers. They were all obviously very well-versed in yoga and had been practicing for years, but as a beginner looking at these people, I don’t think I ever felt like I could move my body the way that they did when even at my smallest I still …

Ways I Increased My Energy

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There was a time when I could hardly make it through the day without almost involuntarily falling asleep. I’d wake up morning tired and by 3 PM I'd to pull my car over into a parking lot somewhere, put the sunshade in the windshield, recline the driver seat, and set my alarm to wake me up in thirty minutes.

Aside from the fact that I wasn’t and still don't always get the recommended 8 hours of sleep every night, a major player in my lack of energy was due to my weight. I still have some pounds to lose but shedding thirty made a difference. Work and motherhood are enough to tire anyone out, but I couldn’t keep functioning that way. I had to make some changes before I could even think about working o…