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30-Minute Beginner-Friendly Workout for Lower Body

Today I just wanted to share one of my workout videos. I'm not the most animated personality, but I have heard from my group that my workouts are effective. Try it for yourself, leave a comment, and if you like it, sign up for my free group using the form below!

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Back on the Bike at Ride or Die Spin

March 1 was the grand re-opening of Ride Or Die Spin studio in Charlotte, NC and I was fortunate enough to be part of the first class. It was also my first time on a spin bike in about three months. Thankfully, I lived through the ride despite my fears that I would not.
I didn’t get my obligatory photo in front of the sign this time around, but I’ll be back. I was just so happy to finally be back on my favorite bike in the back row by the door. My workouts are usually meditative and despite whatever instructions the instructor may give, I’m in my own world back there. But what has kept me from going to spin elsewhere?

I suppose the greater focus concerning this post is mental blocks regarding working out. Ride or Die recently came under new ownership, but there was a period of several months when classes would be canceled due to low attendance. I’m not sure why the previous owner couldn’t make it work, but that’s part of the risk of running any business. All I know is that it saddene…