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Supplements I Use

* Disclaimer: I am a distributor for AdvoCare, but I personally use AdvoCare supplements to help me have more energy for my workouts and everyday life. Feel free to check out each product and consider trying them for yourself. I'll also share products I use that aren't from AdvoCare. I am also an Amazon affiliate, so if you purchase a product using one of my links, I may receive a small commission, which helps me continue to create more content for this blog, as well as my other blogs. Do whatever is best for you. Take what works, leave what doesn't.


This was the very first product I tried when I was introduced to AdvoCare by my personal trainer. I saw much energy he has despite how busy a schedule he keeps. It was enough to convince me to give it a try. Since I could barely make it through the day without involuntarily falling asleep or needing to park my car so I could grab a quick nap before moving on to my next task for the day. For me, this stuff worked wonders. I could make it through my entire day without needing a nap, which goes a long way towards getting things accomplished. Sometimes, I use this as a pre-workout drink because along with the vitamins, it has some amino acids, which are needed for muscle support. I have my mom drinking Spark now and I recommend it to anyone who is looking to have more energy during the day. It's also sugar-free. My favorite flavors are Mango Strawberry, Watermelon and Grape. There are several other flavors to choose from, too.


FIT Pack

The FIT pack caught my attention for two reasons: It comes with a bag and it is a bundle of products. It includes PRE, INTRA, and POST. I felt like Wonder Woman after the first time I drank PRE and went to spin class. I almost felt like I could fly. After that, I had to have it before every intense workout not only because it energized me for the workout, I still had energy after the workout. I didn't immediately care for the taste of it, but it was tolerable. INTRA is what helped to sustain my muscles during the workout because it is full of amino acids. It took a while to get used to the taste of it, but I eventually came to tolerate it. It also seemed to make recovery a bit easier and it helped me to stay hydrated. My least favorite of the bunch is POST, not because of its effectiveness but because I'm not a fan of mixing protein shakes. I like my protein shakes ready-made. I can never seem to mix it well enough. When I use all of this stuff together, I feel invincible. However, I mostly stick with PRE and INTRA to get me through my more intense workouts.


This was the second product from AdvoCare that I tried because it came as a free sample when I purchased Spark. I'm not a fan of Gatorade or any other type of drink like that, but I find that I actually like Rehydrate. The fruit punch flavor tastes pretty good to me. On really hot days during the summer, I found it to be a lifesaver. I make it my business to try to drink at least between 64-80oz of water a day, but when it is 100 degrees outside, I could definitely use a little extra. There have been days when I had headaches due to the heat and plain water did nothing to help relieve them, but replenishing some lost nutrients with this stuff made a difference. I also take some with me whenever I go walking.


I actually haven't tried this yet, but I am going to order some. It is supposed to help improve muscle performance, which is what I would like to happen. My ultimate goal is to become a little bit stronger every day. My overall experience with other AdvoCare products has been positive so far, so I'm already believing BioCharge will work well for me.

 CalNaturale Svelte Organic Protein Shakes

I've tried my fair share of protein shakes and I've come to like these the best. They don't have as much sugar as some others and I like the taste of the chocolate ones. I like them after a workout or with a snack. Sometimes, I may have one for breakfast if I'm in a hurry.


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